Why Choose an Independent Funeral Director?


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An insight from our Office Manager, Robert Helliar-Moore, into the choices families have when considering a Funeral Director and why an 'Truly Independent' firm will always be the right choice. 

Many people will not realise the difference between the many Funeral Directors in their town - for many years this has not mattered!

In this time of ever increasing funeral costs, I would recommend all families search for their local Independent or Family Funeral Business.

Many of us would be forgiven for thinking that a family name above the door, means that the company must be independent and family run. Over the last 10 or so years, the larger Funeral Service companies have acquired many of the smaller independent firms we know and love, keeping the existing family name above the door. This name is often the most recognised and trusted symbol and the new owners, quite understandably keep this as a main feature to encourage the public to use or return to them. There is often no announcement that the transfer has taken place and only subtle references of the new corporate owners are visible within the funeral home and branding.

When making your choice of Funeral Director, take the time to check whether it is truly independent or part of a corporate and much larger concern.

As an Independent Family Funeral Director, we work closely alongside the bereaved, taking the family we are dealing with as individuals without categorising them in any way. An Independent Funeral Director takes the time to get to know the family, to better understand their individual needs and requirements, tailoring their services accordingly. Our families are always provided with the time and space they need to make these decisions and to voice their ideas to us without any pressure to take on unnecessary services or additional costs.

An independent family company will ensure you are their sole focus, and provide outstanding service and transparency at all times because they are genuine in their desire to provide you with exactly what you need. As Independent companies, we are not working towards ‘targets’ or ‘executives’ to satisfy, only the needs of our families.

You will also find greater flexibility with an independent, who will listen carefully and consider your circumstances fully. No one will ever be judged because they don’t have sufficient funds for an elaborate and costly funeral. An Independent Funeral Director will understand individual circumstances and tailor a service that suits your budget and investigate a range of options to ensure you provide your loved one with the service that reflects the person and the life they have lived.

We at Crescent Funeral Services will never ask for any contribution to the arrangements prior of the service taking place. We believe the trust you have placed with us to look after your loved one and the arrangements, should always be reflected in our respect for you as our client.

We pride ourselves with providing a more personal feel when dealing with the person we arrange the funeral with and throughout the entire time you require our services.

You may be surprised when you are not provided with a large glossy brochure full of choice when dealing with an independent family company, simply because their focus is providing the family with a truly individualised service, rather than trying to justify their service or prices to you. It is likely that we will have a much wider choice for you, but only provide you with these when the need arises. You will only receive an honest service to suit you, reflecting your perfect wishes for the person who has died.

I hope this information has been of use to you in helping you understand the individual, caring and unique experience you will have in using the services of an Independent Funeral Director.

It is a fact of life that we all require the services of a funeral director at some point and understanding the differences between the companies is important to ensure you obtain the service you are looking for.

It has been said, that the way in which we work here at Crescent Funeral Services, can make you feel that we are an extension to your family. We pride ourselves in being a ‘Truly Independent Funeral Service’ and I can guarantee our focus is ensuring you are cared for at every point and level during your time with us and beyond.

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