About Burial

Graveside service


Burial is often seen as the traditional way to lay someone to rest.

In the recent past a family has often had connection to a family Grave or a particular church or village community and therefore keeping the remains of their loved one locally to their home has brought much comfort.

With Local Authorities also offering Cemeteries with different memorial options, a more personalised burial is now offered. A burial service will commonly be divided into two parts, the traditional church or chapel service, followed by the committal of the loved one to the grave, carried out at the graveside. As with all services, you have the choice as to what you would like to happen.

Some may choose burial as a more natural option, allowing the grave to become a spot that promotes new birth and encouraging to nature. There is the common perception that burial is a more expensive option. Whilst this can be the case, it does depend on factors such as the burial location and whether there is an existing burial plot.

Memorials both formal or natural maybe placed to mark the place of rest and provides a physical and permanent place to visit.