About Green Burial

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The term 'Green Burial' or 'Natural Burial' originates from the idea that placing a person who has died in the ground will promote the natural break down of the body and in turn create a circle of life to the earth, whilst keeping the production of waste that may be harmful to the environment to a minimum.

The disposal of Cremated Remains can now be carried out as a Natural Burial and refers to the style of memorial which people decide upon to commemorate the life.

Woodlands, Meadows, Ocean and Burrows are among the places that can be seen as locations that carry out the Green or Natural burial of a loved one.

It is essential that natural materials accompany this option, so the coffin for instance should be made of a sustainable material, rather than solid wood and plastics and synthetics should be kept to an absolute minimum. The process of embalming a body should only be carried out in the most exceptional circumstances and other options considered.

Trees, Roses, meadow flowers are considered a more appropriate memorial than the traditional Stone carved headstone of the traditional cemetery.