Order Of Service Booklets

An order of service booklet for a Funeral Service is usually created to provide a schedule of the service and is given out to those attending as they arrive. Alternatively, they can be sent out before the day of the service or placed online with an obituary, providing people with an opportunity to look at it beforehand. This also allows those who were unable to attend see what took place at the service and provide them with a treasured keepsake.

An order of service may include songs, poems, readings, photographs, or anything else you would like added, creating a unique record of the loved one’s life.

If you have decided to have someone lead the service, such as a minister or celebrant, they will help you in creating the service and provide the outline that can be used to design the booklet. They will liaise with us and provide us with the details so that we can work with our designer and printer to produce the final booklet for you. We will consult with you every step of the way and ensure that you are entirely happy with the booklet before giving the go ahead for printing.

You may wish for photographs to be included within the booklet. Many families choose to have a photograph on the front cover and the back cover. If there is more than one photograph that you feel would be suitable, we can arrange for a montage to be created. A simple colour scheme can be incorporated, or more intricate designs and images can be integrated, perhaps to appreciate you loved one’s hobby or interest.

Please contact us if you would like to see some examples of the order of service booklets we have had created for our families.

If photographs are stored digitally, we can provide a memory stick or you can e-mail or message it them to us Many people have photographs stored in their original physical form and we can help with transferring these into a digital format, so that they can be used in the service booklet.

Other forms of Funeral Stationary can be designed and produced such as memorial and keepsake cards, attendance cards, a book of condolence or bookmarks. Please ask us for more details.

There is an additional charge for supplying orders of service booklets, which is dependent on the number of pages and whether the pages contain colour or are simply black and white. The cost includes obtaining up to 4 digital images from original physical photographs, all design work and the printing of the booklet.


A5 4 page (Single A4 page folded) - £1.50 per copy


A5 8 page (Two A4 pages folded and stapled) - £2.50 per copy


Additional folded page, colour or black and white - £1.00 per copy for each additional page required.

Scanning and editing of physical photographs into digital form - £1 per photograph when more than the 4 that are included is required.