What can I do with the Ashes?

After the cremation service, many are left wondering what they can do with the Cremated Remains or as we commonly know them, ‘The Ashes’.

We are able to advise you on the various options available, here are just a few ideas. Various urns, caskets and receptacles are also available to hold ashes, please ask us for advice.

  • Garden of Rest

    Garden of Rest

    Placed in the Garden of Rest at the Crematorium and have your loved one remembered in the book of remembrance.
  • Cremated Remains Grave

    Cremated Remains Grave

    Purchase a Cremated Remains Grave at either the Crematorium or in a church yard, allowing for a permanent memorial to your loved one to be placed in the spot where they are interred.
  • Scatter the Ashes

    Scatter the Ashes

    Take the Ashes away with you to scatter at home or in a place that was special to you or helps you to feel close to the person who has died.
  • A Keepsake Item

    A Keepsake Item

    this only requires a small amount of the ashes and the funeral director will send them to a specialist company who can create a piece of jewellery or special sculpture, containing the ashes.
  • Fireworks


    For the special person in your life who enjoyed the party! Heavens Above are a company who will place the ashes into a firework allowing a true celebration of their life.
  • Living Reef

    Living Reef

    shes can be placed into a submersible block, which will encourage the growth of coral and become an important part of a living reef in years to come.
  • Natural Interment

    Natural Interment

    For those who wish for a more natural option, interring the ashes alongside a new tree, allowing a natural legacy for future generations whilst having an extra special place to visit for many years to come.
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