First Steps

When somebody dies, we are often left shocked and numb, regardless of whether we were expecting that person to die or if the death has come suddenly.

When someone dies at home

If somebody dies at home after a period of illness, it is firstly important that the family Doctor is called.

Following your call to the GP the doctor will attend as soon as they are able to certify that the person has died and they will then issue the family with a Certificate for the Cause of Death.

This certificate for the Cause of Death is the principle document needed to Register the Death.

Regardless of this certificate being issued to the family at this time, following on from the GPs visit, you are then able to call us on 01823 530100, day or night we are here to take your call.

We agree on a time for us to attend the family home, we are always willing and available to attend within the hour from the first call you make to us.

When we attend, we will invite the family to take us to where the person who has died is resting, although we never discourage a family from remaining present when we carry out our duties, for the dignity of the person who has died and for the kindness to lasting memories, we suggest that we are left to carry out our duties whilst the family wait in another room or perhaps use the opportunity to have a cup of tea and prepare themselves for the farewell.

On completing our duties at the house, we will convey the person who has died to our Chapel of Rest in the centre of Taunton, before we leave the house, we will invite the family to join us for the farewell as we place our stretcher onto our Vehicle of Conveyance.

The following days are when a family are able to begin the process of making Funeral Arrangements and Registering the Death at the Registry Office

Registration of the Death should be carried out within 5 days of the expected death and on receiving the Certificate for Cause of Death from the GP.

We strongly recommend that a family make an appointment to Register the Death and this can be done by calling the Registry Office or online

Taunton Deane Registrar 01823 282251

When someone dies in a Hospital or Care Home

If a Death occurs in Hospital or within a Care Home, it is not the initial responsibility of the family to make calls to the Doctor, this is taken care of by the Bereavement Officer at the Hospital or the Senior Nurse in a Care Home.

A family will be directed of the First Steps needed by the bereavement Officer at the Hospital or the Senior Nurse in a Care Home.

When the death is unexpected or under specific circumstances

If the Death is referred to the Coroner and Post mortem is required, the Family will be guided by the Coroners Officer and the family should be aware that the initial Conveyance may be carried out of someone other than their chosen Funeral Director, this does not mean that Funeral Director will be used for the Funeral, a family has the right to choose who they wish to make arrangements with.